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Election Information

From The MWA Boards

Hello MWA Members,

The MWA nomination process and voting for Board members and Landboard member is at the January meeting. We are now putting out a request for candidates from other members or from the candidates themselves. This will allow a member to go to the election in January and know who was going to be on the ballot, and to have a chance to be better informed to make their choice. What we have in mind is to have any member who would like to run for the board to contact a board, or land board member to make their intentions known. This will happen anytime from now until (DECEMBER 2nd 2019), which will allow for names to be listed in the newsletter that will come out a couple of weeks before the     January election. This deadline date is final and NOTHING after that will be accepted. The candidates will be formally nominated and      seconded at the January meeting with the voting to follow. We think this will lead to a more informed member  casting their vote in the    January election. So if you think you would like to be on the Board of Directors or know someone who you think would be good, get to thinking about throwing your or their hat in the ring.


Anyone interested in becoming a nominee is encouraged to attend meetings and write a little bit about themselves for publication in our    newsletter. Please keep your submissions to the newsletter under 150 words. You may email or mail your Submissions to Secretary Nick         Pipinich, by or before December 2nd 2019.


     The official nominations and elections will continue to be held during the annual membership meetings in January of each year. Every year there are two General Board seats and one Land Use Board seat up for election. All members are strongly encouraged to attend and vote. We will be issuing official ballots only to members in good standing and up to one family member (18 or older) that must be present with the membership holder. Please be sure to bring your membership cards to help keep the official ballot distribution moving quickly. Thank you.


Eligibilities for nominees;

General Board of Directors: Be a member in good standing of the MWA for a period of four (4) consecutive years or more


Land Management Board; All nominees of the LMB must have served at least one term on the Board of Directors and have been a member of the MWA for five (5) years.

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