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** Special Notice **

Sunday August 30 is the MWA Club Picnic. The main Rifle Range & Bays 1 & 2 will be closed from 8am till 4PM. The club Picnic will start at about 10am with fun shoots for rifle and pistol and Trap and Skeet and the MWA will be providing free lunch and drinks. There will be Door prizes and a drawing for a youth for a 22 Rifle.


There are a few new sections on the website. Please take a look and review them. There is a Component Section that will explain the Components that WE the MWA are going to be stocking and will make available to all members. There is also a Frequently Ask Question section that we will be expanding on all of the time to answer all of the questions that come up through out the year.


Please be sure to check out these sections listed on the left (Club Calendar & Range Closure and Usage) before you head out to the range to ensure that the particular shooting that you want to do will be open at the time you are going out.


We are always updating the calendar for the current shooting season, so please check back often.


Please remember to lock the gate after you come in and go out. Also please remember to pick up your trash and keep the range clean for all of us.


We hope to see you out at the Range and hope you have a great shooting year.

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