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Manhattan Wildlife Association

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MWA is an NRA Affiliated club

The 2018 Hunting season is just about on us and we want to wish luck to everyone on their Hunting endeavors and harvesting this year.


Please remember there are no guests permitted on weekends from August through November.


We are exited to have a new feature for our members. We have live video feed and Weather now available through our website. See the link on the left side toward the bottom. It is labeled Weather & live Video.


There have been significant changes in purchasing membership this past year and everyone has been very understanding and patient during this transition.  The new entrance gate in combination with the permanent membership electronic gate cards has made access more convenient.


    Renew Membership CLICK HERE


   This year, renewing memberships will be easier for everyone with several ways to accomplish this.  The electronic gate card is your permanent membership card and has your member number on the card. Located on the front in the lower left are a series of numbers.  022 00002 AWID26 The second set of numbers is your membership number (in this case it is 00002).










 Renewals may be sent in as in the past to the club with Payment and all you will need to do is complete the renewal form.  It will be very helpful if you will include your membership number from your card.  Once your renewal has been received your electronic card will be updated for another year on the system. Please remember that you will have to allow at least ten days for mailing and processing for your renewal to be completed.


   Purchase of new memberships and membership renewals will also be available once a month at the range in the west clubhouse.  See the schedule listed in this newsletter and on the MWA web site.


   During the dates listed below purchases or renewals can be paid for by Credit or Debit card for $55.00 (for 1 year) or the discounted $50.00 (for 1year) with Cash or Check.


Electronic Gate Card Pick-up as well as membership renewals dates and times are listed below.

These dates will be at the West Club House from 12:00pm – 5:00pm and the main gate will be open for these time frames.


October 14’Th (Sunday) 2018

November 11’Th (Sunday) 2018

December 16’Th (Sunday) 2018



Please be sure to check out these sections listed on the left (Club Calendar & Range Closure and Usage) before you head out to the range to ensure that the particular shooting that you want to do will be open at the time you are going out.


Also please remember to pick up your trash and keep the range clean for all of us. If you bring out ANYTHING to shoot at please be sure to take it back home with you to keep everything clean at the range for all of us. Please be sure to use the Cardboard recycling box instead of throwing your cardboard in the barrels or dumpster.


    Members continue to enjoy bring guests out to the range under the policy without limitation by completing the day use form (for guests of current members ONLY) and paying the fee. This appears to be working well for everyone.  Day use forms are in the box next to the outside west door, entrance to restrooms, of the East Club house.  More information can be found in the Guest Policy on the MWA web site. Your guest must keep the guest pass with them at all times and accompany you at all times and shoot with you while on the range.


We hope to see you out at the Range and hope you have a great shooting year.